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Upcoming Exhibit
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"The Newest Americans" Exploring Citizenship and Immigration

Offering a unique look at U.S. citizenship and the immigration process 2017 and 2020, The Newest Americans, will appear at the Temecula Valley Museum from May 3, 2024 to June 16, 2024. The traveling exhibit features 29 portraits by Sam Comen and interviews by Michael Estrin, capturing the experiences of immigrants from 23 countries of origin and promoting discussion on America’s legacy as a nation of immigrants.

“We wanted to explore the definition of ‘American’ and who has the right to become one,” said Sam Comen. “We wanted to document the stories of new Americans, to know why they came to this country, and what the American Dream means to them. While their answers varied widely, to our surprise all of the participants share the belief that America is still the land of opportunity, and the hope that their futures will be brighter as naturalized citizens of this county.”

Illustrating a wide range of ages and walks of life, the 29 exhibit participants represent 23 countries of origin, including Mexico, Rwanda, China, Russia, and Syria. The exhibit includes photographs accompanied by text panels presented in English and Spanish, sharing the subjects’ views on why they chose to become American citizens and what the American dream means to them.

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