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The Temecula Valley Museum is dedicated to preserving our history as well as making it available to guests of the museum. We have created dynamic and interesting exhibits that appeal to all ages to help portray the history of Temecula. Below are the three exhibits you will find year-round at the Temecula Valley Museum.


Temecula History

The Temecula Valley Museum contains exhibits that represent life in the Temecula Valley through time and different cultures that influenced the development of the area.  The main history exhibit, The Temecula Valley Story, displays handcrafted artifacts, cultural items, ranching and farming equipment, documents, photographs, and more. Exhibits depict key stories, including the Luiseño Indians, Mission San Luis Rey period, establishment of the ranchos, and transportation influences including the stagecoach and railroads.


Erle Stanley Gardner

Erle Stanley Gardner lived in Temecula on his beloved Rancho del Paisano from 1937 until 1970.  Gardner, famous for his Perry Mason mysteries, wrote 151 books that sold 325 million copies.  His best selling works, the 82 Perry Mason mysteries, were adapted first for radio then became a popular TV series resulting in 271 episodes running from 1957 until 1966. The Temecula Valley Museum owns over 6,000 of his photographs and a vast collection of memorabilia. The permanent display features a reproduction of the Temecula office, a video, and select memorabilia.


Children's Touch History Exhibit

At the Temecula Valley Museum we have made our “Touch History” children’s educational area so much more touchable! We’ve unlocked the doors and are now letting children experience history with their hands, hearts and minds. Bring the kids and let them pretend to be the proprietor of Burnham Mercantile Store, cook on the 1880’s play stove, create a puppet show starring Louis and Ramona Wolf, sell fabrics in the Dress Shop, make a fire (almost) at a Mormon Battalion campsite, try a Native American grinding stone (metate) and more!

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