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bear in mind



Exhibit Dates: May 24 – July 13

bear in mind

Over the centuries, the relationship that Californians have had with the grizzly bear is one of dualities – expressed in fear and fascination.

Although extinct to the state, the grizzly has been a central character in California’s history.  Bear in Mind: Story of the California Grizzly exhibit tells the story of California’s most beloved and feared animals.

The exhibit details how the Grizzly was a symbol of California’s untamed wilderness, and of freedom and power, but was driven to extinction as California was settled.  Bear in Mind includes a section created especially for children of all ages offering a simulated bear den, colorful books and puppets, and special text panels.  The exhibit also provides hands-on interactives that feature a map showing a timeline of the grizzlies’ demise.

Visit the Temecula Valley Museum from May 24th through July 13th, 2014 for a remarkable look into California’s beloved grizzly.


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