About 900 A.D. – First Temecula: Luiseño Indian village near head of Temecula Canyon

Early 1800s – Second Temecula: Luiseño Indian village moves upstream

1882 – Third Temecula: Town established alongside 1882 California Southern Railroad line

1905: Walter Vail begins ranching operations in Temecula Valley

1964: 87,000 acre Vail Ranch is sold;  Rancho California real estate development plan is launched

1989: Temecula incorporates; residents vote to retain the name “Temecula”


About 4,000 B.C.: Luiseño Indians Arrive

1795-97 A.D.: Spanish explorations in the area

1798: Mission San Luis Rey established

1821: Transfer from Spanish to Mexican rule

1833: Mexican government secularizes missions

1835: Rancho Temecula first granted

1844: Rancho Pauba granted

1845: Rancho Santa Rosa granted

1846-48: Mexican American War

1848: Mexico cedes California to the US

1852: Treaty of Temecula

1875: Eviction of Temecula Indians


1905 – 1964: Vail Ranch era

1919: Ongoing conflicts over water rights begin

1920s on: The Roripaughs:  More than 50 years as ranch managers

1948: Vail Dam completed

1964: Vail property sold to Rancho California developers

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