The Temecula Valley Museum and the City of Temecula are saddened by the passing of former Temecula business owner and community leader Darell Farnbach.

We honor Darell for his many years of dedication to the proper stewardship of the history of the Temecula Valley.  His effort and personal sacrifice by filing a successful lawsuit against the Country of Riverside to preserve Temecula’s most important historical property, the 1860’s Vail Ranch Headquarters and the Wolf store, have left an indelible mark on Temecula.  The citizens of Temecula Valley are forever indented to Darell Farnbach for his deep appreciation of Temecula history, for his tremendous enthusiasm to share that history, and for his vision and foresight in saving an important historical treasure for the benefit of future generations.

To read more about Darell Farnbach’s life, visit the Temecula Valley Historical Society Facebook page here.



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